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First impressions of “Swords of the Serpentine” RPG

First Impressions of “Swords of the Serpentine” RPG by Emily Dresner and Kevin Kulp with Matthew Breen On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th Feb 2023, I played in a game of “Swords of the Bosphorous”, Martin Cookson’s (@mcookie123 on Twitter) … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Lives – an Eldritch tribute to H. P. Lovecraft

Disclaimer: I was given an uncorrected proof to review by the editor. There were no conditions placed on the review. Book available from all good stores and a few tax dodgers too. Publisher’s site with links here It is a … Continue reading

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Review: “Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age” – A Wargamers Guide to the Age of Conan – Lin Carter & Scott Bizar

That these fantasy wargames rules, first published in 1975, are still in print, or at least available in PDF, is less a testament to these rules and much more about the strange business habits of Scott Bizar, who kept products … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Past 3 – Lazer

Lazer by Marc J. Tobert published by Geek, Inc 27 pages – $30.00 ISBN 0970947208 website Rating –  D This hack’n’slash rpg of high technology, magic, cyberpunk and the undead in a universe without humanity” is an excellent example … Continue reading

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Review – “Irrepressible!” by James Desborough of Postmortem Studios

Obtained from RPGNOW Price $3.99 PDF or $6.99 Print on Demand from “In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when it’s feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Past – 02 – Violence

Violence The Role-playing Game of egregious and repulsive bloodshed. By Designer X (Greg Costikyan) Published by Hogshead Publishing under their “New Style” Imprint First things first. This isn’t a game. It looks like one, it’s got rules and everything, and … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Past – 01 – The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

“The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen” ISBN – 1-899749-18-7 UK£ 3.95 US$ 5.95 (at time of publishing) Copyright 1998 Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Authorship denoted as being by Baron Munchausen The scene The shadowed and dim studios of elijiah Hogg, scrivener … Continue reading

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Why do I have a loose approach to scenarios?

I know I shouldn’t read reviews, but I do, mostly to get ideas for things I should add or improve or try and plug the holes in. However an attitude I’ve seen in a couple of places didn’t concern the … Continue reading

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Vis Imperium Victoriana – Designers Notes FROM THE GRAVE!

I mentioned that an update of this was in my list of projects. To be honest I don’t know where the notion to do the original ViV came from, though I had always been a Flashman fan I don’t remember … Continue reading

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