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Foldable Project – a matter of scale

I now have aboard I am fairly happy with. A little larger than the action, so it can accompdate the starting position of the Regent’s forces. I now need to work out the scale for the unit counter sizes and … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Past – 02 – Violence

Violence The Role-playing Game of egregious and repulsive bloodshed. By Designer X (Greg Costikyan) Published by Hogshead Publishing under their “New Style” Imprint First things first. This isn’t a game. It looks like one, it’s got rules and everything, and … Continue reading

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Melée Combat in RPGS

A subject that has been mulling around my brain is trying to think about a realistic system for melée combat for RPGs. My qualification for presuming to consider that I could do such a think is based on several years … Continue reading

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