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Write up 20th October 2022 – Return of the Comet – Interlude 1

This interlude takes place after the end of Episode 10, directly, and came about because, as happens in real life, a few players had other commitments and I think the next part will be the end of the adventure and … Continue reading

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A three day RPG project – Tales from an Ancient Empire

On Twitter, the subject of cheesy 80s movies comes up now and again in UK RPG Twitter, usually Hawk the Slayer or The Sword and the Sorceror. You might see Excalibur mentioned, but it is stars above the other two. … Continue reading

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Write up 7th October 2022 – Return of the Comet Episode 10

The group considered the steep, dark, descent under the statue, situated as it was in the room of screaming faces and considered what might be below. And so they turned around, and had another look at the corridor of deadly … Continue reading

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