A three day RPG project – Tales from an Ancient Empire

On Twitter, the subject of cheesy 80s movies comes up now and again in UK RPG Twitter, usually Hawk the Slayer or The Sword and the Sorceror. You might see Excalibur mentioned, but it is stars above the other two.

This time I mentioned that the title of the proposed sequel to “The Sword and the Sorceror” was to be “Tales of an Ancient Empire” would make a great title for an RPG. In fact it would make a great title for an RPG I am working on. There is a sort of suspect sequel done 28 years later, so I won’t pinch it, but someone else (Alister Davison @awdscrawl on Twitter) made the mistake of showing mild enthusiasm for the idea, so I spent the weekend writing a simple, un-playtested RPG for handling one shots or small campaigns of 80s Fantasy films.

And here is the PDF of it

Tales from an Ancient Empire – Cover

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