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A look at the map game “Border Riding” – published by Stout Stoat Press

Border Riding by Jo Reid published by Stout Stoat Press This is not a review, it is a “look at”. The reason for this is that this is really designed for a group, and I have only played it on … Continue reading

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Write up 19th October 2023 – The Tower of Hurat – Part 1

Tonight was one of those sessions where most could not attend. These things happen. However we decided to proceed as we were, I thought two or three could do something with the set-up I had prepared for tonight. The night … Continue reading

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Write up 5th October 2023 – The deed of Smersh – Part 3

I had a few ideas for scenes that the characters might encounter given the options I thought they would go for, given the situation, but the players managed to shave their characters avoid every, single one. There was only one … Continue reading

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