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Melée Combat in RPGS

A subject that has been mulling around my brain is trying to think about a realistic system for melée combat for RPGs. My qualification for presuming to consider that I could do such a think is based on several years … Continue reading

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Followup material, the continuing story

Well, a couple of weeks in and what I thought would be a quick pickup with existing material, isn’t. These are the topics I have to date Some thoughts on the game an article on balancing the game Optional Hit … Continue reading

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Followup material – it begins

When I submitted the C&S Essence manuscript to BGD I also submitted a Character Sheet, but I like to minimise the margins to make use of every millimetre of space, not always suitable for a book. So the character sheet … Continue reading

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Vis Imperium Victoriana – Designers Notes FROM THE GRAVE!

I mentioned that an update of this was in my list of projects. To be honest I don’t know where the notion to do the original ViV came from, though I had always been a Flashman fan I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Genesis of the Daleks, sorry C&S Essence

So, how did this tiny printed giveaway come to pass? Well, the usual answer, drink and someone kind of noising me up, in this case by email. (this is my life btw – Anyway. It was 2000, Steve and … Continue reading

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The Inn is open again, kind of

The original Salient Hurcheon was a list of Chivalry and Sorcery players, firstly on my personal site then the LOCS (Loyal Order of Chivalry and Sorcery). That contacts site no longer exists, but I have to call this something WHY? … Continue reading

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