The Inn is open again, kind of

The original Salient Hurcheon was a list of Chivalry and Sorcery players, firstly on my personal site then the LOCS (Loyal Order of Chivalry and Sorcery). That contacts site no longer exists, but I have to call this something

WHY? I hear no one ask.
Why blog?
Simple answer it keeps my hand in writing, and it might be a good place to explain some of the stuff I am up to.

Why now?
C&S Essence, the free RPG I wrote in 2000 has been updated, had stuff added and is now available for sale. PDF only until 12th December, but printed after that 

Despite my best intentions, it looks like I’m back in the RPG writing business

What next?
A couple of freebie supportive things for C&S Essence. Then a similar update to “Vis Imperium Victoriana” with addition information and expanding on scientific romances and, of course, SteamPunk/Gothic SF.

After that the “DarkenKingdom supplement for the Chivalry and Sorcery game world of Marakush. I had a good part of that written before the “hiatus” so I need to finish that off.

Lastly, a replacement for C&S Light. Not sure what I’ll call it. In my files it’s “C&S Unplugged” but that’s just a silly working title until I can think of a better, Essence having already being taken.

So, that’s it. next post on the genesis of C&S Essence!


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One Response to The Inn is open again, kind of

  1. Slorm says:

    Welcome on board!
    I hope that this project will continue and we will become in a important place to get info and adventures for C&S!

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