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Why Braveheart is shockingly historically inaccurate. It is also a bad film

Errors of fact in the filmĀ “Braveheart”. (We had this on our old website. I’m reposting it as someone asked how accurate the film was) Pointing out the errors in “Braveheart” might be seen as pointless, after all, should we expect … Continue reading

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News from Lloegyr

A bit over a year ago I started a second “Apocrypha”. Errata, extra rules and expansions to my hugely, umm, err, typed RPG C&S Essence. In that I decided that as one of the criticisms of the book was the … Continue reading

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The Hobbit – An unexpected runtime?

Warning. There are spoilers in the text below In my last post I commented on why I thought the film had to be longer than just one. because of the extra material needed to tie together both The Hobbit and … Continue reading

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