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A bit over a year ago I started a second “Apocrypha”. Errata, extra rules and expansions to my hugely, umm, err, typed RPG C&S Essence. In that I decided that as one of the criticisms of the book was the the only setting offered was “low/gritty” fantasy, I would put in some High Fantasy.

I decided Arthurian. I mean. EVERYONE knows Arthur. And I said, I only recently noticed this again, that it would be “High Level”. That is a gloss, an overview, nothing too detail.

That sound you hear is only laughter in a technical sense, mostly it is sobbing of despair.

The work has more words written for it than the original C&S E. The biggest hassle was deciding what kind of Arthur to write about. The second, as noted previously on this blog, is the struggle to keep it HIGH and not low fantasy.

But where are we?

Well, the sections are pretty much there. I just realised I need something about Chivalry, but otherwise the structure is set. I was helped in that by switching to Scrivener, from Literature and Latte, as a writing tool which let me break the plain text into sections and shuffle bits around.

Now it’s all about hammering in the detail and game effects,

And mapping. Yes. Even if Steve gets a decent artist to do the maps, they’ll need something to work from, Almost tempted to see if I can get Campaign Cartographer 2 to work on this machine, or under Wine on a Linux laptop, but then I have a lie down and the insanity goes away. Time to make serious use of that tablet Jean got me a while back.

So. Here’s hoping a project that should have been complete in Dec 2011 is finished by Dec 2013 (or a damn sight earlier)

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