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Review Mythic Commander from Modiphius Games

Mythic Commander Modiphius Publishing ¬£16 + P&P review by Colin D. Speirs One of the first set of rules I ever owned was from Micro Ancients, from Tabletop Games. This wargame as a cardboard folder bound book of 1976’s state … Continue reading

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1066 by Peter Denis and Andy Callan

Using the simple, one page version of the included war game of 1066. With apologies to Dave Elrick A few birthdays ago, my friend Dave got me the book 1066 by famed illustrator Peter Dennis. This is a book of … Continue reading

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Waterloo Three – 1 – SPI’s “Napoleon at Waterloo”

Introduction For some reason I have been inspired¬† to re fight the battle of Waterloo\La Belle Alliance three years after all the cool kids were doing it. I will be using board wargames to do this and will follow the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on finally playing Kings of War

Saturday 10th Feb I finally got to play the Kings of War wargame against other human beings in a tournament in Stirling. I took my Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai but used the, as the “Kingdoms of Men” faction, … Continue reading

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The Emerald Tablet – early fantasy wargames rules

I have written before about an early set of fantasy wargames rules (Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age) before but they are not the earliest set of specifically fantasy wargames rules I ever saw. I know I have been wargaming … Continue reading

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Age of Sigmar – thoughts after a run through the game

Games Workshop, recently killed off their long running “Old World” and mass battle game of Warhammer (*), just as they changed the name of the shops to that, and unveiled the new skirmish game, “Age of Sigmar”. This game has … Continue reading

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