Writeup 22nd April 2021 – The path of the comet episode 8

Jalabu walked into the end of the demonic jubilation, and the noise below.

They regrouped, Jalabu took back the lit shield and led the way below, it led to cells and detritus, litter, bones and skills of monstrosities, warped mortals of no known shape, bestial and twisted. At the back was a huge mound, a rat’s next of immense size.

Disturbing a mass of rubbish led to a vast outpouring of normal rats, swarming, scrabbling, looking for an escape, the writhing tide startled Jalabu. Momentarily afterwards. six giant rats poking their noses out of the nest.

With a wry grin Farshad whipped out a bone flute picked up from a previous exploit, and proceeds to play, charming the giant rats, leading them away, and upstairs towards a closable room.

Enraged, out came the progenitor of the giant rats, a conjoined demonic group of large rats, demonic eyes and infectious poison dripping from their claws, spells at their command, spells to freeze the blood. from behind the group followed two minior weak demons, only good for ambushing the unwary.

However here then followed an embarrassing combat . Most of its attacks would not hold and that its spells would not take effect. It’s two demonic cohorts were likewise pathetically ineffective, the rat king ended up biting itself some of the time. Even when Utana was inconvenienced by a stroke gone awry, the keen hits from his companions extricated him.

Elsewhere, Farshad led the rats to a room with door just in time, his spell broke, and he quickly nipped out and slammed the door shut, holding it against the rats throwing themselves at the door.

Eventually the rat king was slain, servitor demons and giant rats died, the latter contained by Farshad’s Herculean thews in the room to which he had led them.

All that was left was to search disgusting messes for trinkets, go back to the Inn owner, drink his gratefully supplied food and wine then fall asleep

This continues in Part One of Iralun

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