LOCS C&S Geek code circa 2000

Andy Staples commented on C&S 5 abbreviations. In the days of steam internet, even being a fan could involve abbreviations…

ADV = Adventurer GM = Gamesmaster GMA = GM/ADV
M/C = Mix/Custom


SB= Sourcebook LoTRS = Land of the Rising Sun
B & G = Bireme and Galley R & D= Rapier and Dagger
S & S = Sword and Sorcerors C & H = Castles and Hovels
SA = Saurians DE = Destrier
CV = Chevalier AD = Arden
SM = Songsmith DL = Dragonlord
TfT = Towers for Tyrants (Judges Guild ?) GMH = GM’s Handbook (3rd ed)
GMS3 = GM’s Shield (3rd ed) GMS = GM’s Shield (1st ed)
SW = Stormwatch DRM = Dragon Reaches of Marakush
BES = Bestiary AND = Anderia
GMSL = GM’s Shield (C&S; Light) MGD = Magical Devices
KnC = Knights’ Companion ARM = Armourers’ Companion
ElC = Elves’ Companion DwC = Dwarves’ Companion
WHFTT = Where Heroes Fear to Tread UTCG = Under the Castle Gates

Campaign Styles

Code Definition Code Definition Code Definition
EF Early Feudal HC High Chivalry LF Late Feudal
ER Early Renaissance FN Fantasie Noir HF High Fantasy
SB Swashbuckling DC Dungeon Crawl MR Renaissance
ArM Ars Magica TSy Troupe Style MY Mythic
HM Horror/Mystery A Any N None Stated

Campaign Settings

Code Definition Code Definition Code Definition
T Tolkien JE High Fantasy (Jordan/Eddings) PL Mix n Match
TW World of Tannoth IB Islamic/Byzantine J Japanese Fantasy
HY Hyborian Age HA Harn KK Kingdoms of Kalanor
DA Dark Ages SD Self-Designed CR Central Europe/Russia
GH Greyhawk CO City-State Inv. Overlord HC “High Crusade”
AR Arthurian SA Saurian VI Videssos
(Harry Turtledove)
MO Moorcock MT Mystery AW Archworld
+R Romantic IA Iron Age JF Japanese Feudal
AE Alternate Earth MK Marakush +E External Cultures
(eg Feudal with Norse and Mongols)
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