Foldable Project, ready to deploy

I have a map, I have decided on the rules (Basic Impetus) and I finally have my order of battle and counters. Although I thought 3cm frontage would look fine on the map, I also scaled them to 2cm and that looks slightly better given the actual limited front of the battle. Perhaps I shouls have made a set scaled for 2.5cm frontage but I wanted to play.

The troop on the Queen’s side are less effective than the Regent’s, so I have given them reduced ability to sustain fighting and a lesser value in morale when deciding when the army decides that discretion is the better part of valour and retreats. I don’t think this will have that much effect, since all the army is reduced proportionally they have about the same effective value.

The Queen’s forces are supposed to have outnumbered the Regent’s 3 to 2, but the Queen’s forces don’t seem to have done much on the day, so I am only giving the Queen’s forces three extra units, and because the armies in this battle are already twice as big as the Basic Impetus norm ;).

The “House Rules” for this battle are

  • The Regent has better leadership, and they can choose to go first or second in each turn as they wish.
  • The standard distance unit is 0.5cm
  • Kirkcaldy’s Horse can help a non-pike foot unit, eg Archers, Hackbutters or Glaswegians, travel faster. Kirkcaldy’ s horse must start the turn behind the foot unit, and the next move they add 2 to the movement.
  • The Queen’s pike have a great proportion of untrained and unsteady troops. So they must start the battle in two unit groups.
  • Kirkcaldy of Grange can also act as a commander for influencing combat
  • Missile Troops get a defensive bonus of -2 Dice to attacks against them when occupying Langside

The order of battle is in this Force List PDF and here are the force counters. I printed them onto card. You could lamimate the Order of Battle for mutiple fights, but for this fight I’ll just use pencil.

EDIT: Roster needed updated. For simplicity counters and roster are on separate PDFs. Defensive rule for Langside added

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