Foldable Project – not forgotten

The travelling has impacted severely on my time. Even the days I am not working in Edinburgh, my lunchtimes are usually taken up out doing errands.


Nonetheless, the actual counters are done. I am partway through putting them onto a counter sheet. At the first instance I am trying a 2cm frontage. I’ll put them onto the map and see how it goes.


By accident, rather than design, a hospital visit last week had me walking part of the battle-field. It really is a small space. No grand vistas and flat plains, but a hill that commanded the surrounds blocking the path of the Queen’s forces and, about 15 minutes walk away, the small rise that was the best her forces could find to get themselves. It would have been cramped, and that will show itself up on deployment, and if they had been able to seize Camphill first then it would have been a different story.


This is a photo of the board. Based on the walk of last week, I am happy with the hill contours, the Regent’s army had a great advantage in that. The deployment area for the Queen’s forces are  in the tiny cramped area between the two roads to the south.


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