Write-up 22nd Feb 2024 – Resupply and retrenchment

Most of the session was basically paperwork, with characters deciding how to spend XP to improve their characters. Farshad learned magic, the better to communicate with Aribu, the possessed wooden bird inhabited by a crow spirit.

Smersh decided to learn how to notice things. He had to do something with the brief moments of lucidity after the three days of crashing after his alchemical boost of energy.

José Juan’s callisthenic paid off, with rippling muscles to get close to rivalling Smersh’s.

Fetnah, possibly meditating whilst watching over a shivering and sleeping Smersh, trained her Will, no doubt of great use to a Shaman, wrestling with her Spirit Ally Ilbalkia.

Utana and Jalabu honed their skills, Utana no doubt making use of Jalabu’s convncing ways of persuasion as the tailors visited to show their stock of clothes to Utana, trying to convince him that these garments made to a general fit could be modified to fit by the time the group’s ship left for the port town of Spah.

Farshad, for reasons that were necessary at the time, adopted an alias, Jabalu (or sometimes Jalabu) had met Nika, a woman who found like minded souls and arranged trading ventures, and Ridha, a dealer in silks and other goods from the East, from close to Jalabu’s home, who was the one who alerted Farshad to the false Farshad, whose frauds on the merchants of southern Ishtir had so blackened Farshad’s name. He got a description and some news of the last direction of travel.

From Nika, charmed by Farshad, he got the name of  a Zhuezhi silk trader, Haoran. As a Zhuezhi in the Haraxan Kingdom, Haoran’s reach is limited, but Nika suggested that Farshad could buy from him, or perhaps act as a front for Haoran’s ventures, splitting the increased profits.

Jalabu’s contacts from the party Jehia the caravan master, Irusya the dealer in the small and valuable and Zhaleh the horse trader. Jehia and Zhakeh were of not much immediate use to Jalabu, but he bought some perfume from Irusya, recognising in them a value and quality that she had missed.

Smersh, as a priest of the Cold Ones was invited to preach. After his first sermon, which had ancient doctrines not currently held, led to his other invitations being withdrawn due to dangerous heresy.  This might be why he asked the Magistrate’s armoury for better armour, just in case, torsion armour of lacquered plates, a light helm and leg armour,

José Juan, as well as showing off his biceps, obtained arrows and, from the Temple infirmary, replenishing his medical supplies.

Utana also restored his weapons, but also his perfumes and make up. He also took out a loan from the Temple bank, to be repaid with interest from his funds lodged with the Temple in Eshtaband, which he immediately spent on two new suits of the costliest silks and embroidered cloth and leather, not made specifically for him, but well worth the cost as these clothes would allow him to peacock in style.

Fetnah restored her supplies of shamanistic paraphernalia, then sold her failed wooden crow, as a primitive art duck and, with Farshad’s help, got more than a fair price, some woffcuts of Fiume woods to be crafted into amulets or trinkets, and a couple of dan, coins worth a couple of days of decent eating.

Then they took ship (and I forgot some stuff here, need to try and rewind next time) and sailed to the town of Spah, They were met by custom officials, who were disappointed that the ship, having set out from an Haraxan port, was not due any port taxes above docking fees. Utana impressed them, especially when giving the port-master an unnecessary bribe, and, when said they were here for an inheritance had them taken to the council chambers

It ook the arrival of a more literate priest to decipher Smersh’s documents, and, upon his stuttering words that these stated that Smersh was the appointed lord of the area, by an ancient gift.

And with that bombshell, there we left it

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