The Arthur book is still plodding along, after a reformat to text so that Dropbox and various devices make working on it easier, but there is a hiatus on as I am trying to write a short horror story.

The brief says “no established monsters” so no werewolves, vampires or mummies. Luckily after a bit of swithering I have an idea. I can’t claim TOTAL originality, as the idea was inspired by another story, but I’m doing different things with it and using a different mythology. Everything inspires something I suppose. Tolkien’s take on Lord of the Ring’s being the story from the hobbits’ point of view inspired an idea to do a story from the viewpoint of a character at the periphery of the action. That sort of “inspired by”.

As discussed on earlier blogs I often run my games so that the characters don’t know everything going on around them. I seem to have a thing against “helicopter generalship”

While trying to think something up my mind wandered through myth’s, legends, books, RPGs and even half-remembered ‘zines from when I was young. It got me wondering, how many folk into their fantasy stuff are like me, they started with myths and legends and then graduated onto reading fantasy and playing FRPGS.

Or is the prevalence of Fantasy in print, film and games now short circuiting myths and legends, are they no longer so widely read.

If someone wants to commission an exhaustive poll, analyse the data and let me know the results, that would be grand

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