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Write up 16th November 2023 – A lost soul in Khanedarya

This is a 3rd party published scenario. When the characters have finished it, I will post the information and a link here. Until then read no published adventure, JUST IN CASE! Juan José, Utana, Fetnah and Smersh return to the … Continue reading

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Cthulu writeup – episode two

Warning. This is a write up of “Uncle Timothy’s Will” in Blood Brothers. If playing that then stop reading. I have made changes to details. In episode one we met cousins Joan Hildyson and Sigismund Krankenhofer and detective turned novelist … Continue reading

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RPG session – Solomon Kane – The Uffington Dragon

This is a write up after two RPG session conducted by Google+Hangouts and Roll20. It uses a commercial scenario. If playing in a Solomon Kane Campaign with this adventure (Traveller’s Tales, the Uffington Dragon), do not read the write up … Continue reading

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