Arthur’s Progress

So. At present the second Apocrypha manuscript, which includes the Arthurian setting, has about 6,000 words in it, which means that it is, I think, more than the main Essence rules. There is more hand-written to add to the manuscript, but I wonder if it will go the way of Rocket Jocks, where I was aiming for 16 pages, then 32 pages and then it ended up about 128 or so.

Of course, the elephant in the room with Arthurian RPGs is Pendragon from Chaosium. There I am lucky. Despite loving RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer, I don’t know Pendragon at all. I created a character for it once. That’s it. So I can proceed in ignorance.

I’m getting to recycle some research in this project, and also Borderlands. Borderlands has been part written as two RPGs, a wargame and the start of a couple of novels, so it’s good to see it feed into my vision of Arthur’s Britain.

It want it be a mix if history, traditional Arthurian legend and faerie tales, so I think I ave something worthwhile to aim for, and I hope I can pull it off (ooh, Missus)

What to to next.
Character generation
Maps (and hope I can persuade Andy to do a decent map)
More magic
Finish the included adventure
More on religion


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