A bump in the hero’s road

Pawr-ambrith looked around the campsite at the wagon guards that were now his comrades. He was the only elf here, possibly the only elf in the Eastern Kingdom, and he knew that elfs were feared as sorcerors and bringers of bad luck.

He sat down on the tail of the wagon to eat the stew he had just been served when he saw Webdav lumber into view. The hulking man had made no secret of his disdain for the elf, and it looked like now was his time to make his move.

Webdav walked past Pawr-ambrith as if he was going to get his own supper before swinging wildly, a rock in his hand. if he had connected then the elf’s brains would be have been splattered across the wagon, but the elf slipped under the swing and aimed a kick at the side of the brute’s knee.

Webdav roared and reached for his club, Pawr-amrith stepped back warily,surreptitiously moving his hand to the hillt of his knife when a look of insight came to Webdav.

The huge man pointed at Pawr-ambrith and roard “NO! Not going to happen to me”.

The elf looked quizzically at the man ans said “what do you mean?”

“You. You are a protagonist! I know how this works out. You beat me somehow with your tricksy elf ways. Then one of two things happen.

“Either the wagon master throws me out. I join your secret enemies and later with them and the servants of the Chaos God and attack you. You brutally slaughter me after some badinage.

“Or, having being beaten by you I gain respect for you and become your friend. Later, when you are being attacked by the servants of the same Chaos God I save your life and, after a few noble or perhaps self-deprecating words, I still die!

“Not going to happen to me elf. you just stay well away from me!”

Having said his piece, Webdav stumped over to get his supper and moved to the other side fo the capfire from Pawr-ambrith.

Pawr-ambrith gave the others a smile but, inwardly he seethed. he would never become a hero of a forumulaic fantasy novel at this rate!

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