Write up 27th July 2023 – Journey from Babilim – Part 10

The night was sandwiched by video-conferencing, neither of our usual options were working for us all, so we ended back at Google Meet

This ended with us playing with filters. In between, we died a little roleplaying.

The messenger handed the packet to Smersh, who opened it. There was some information about a prophecy that he would be here, at this time, on this day, in sold script, perhaps a century old. The main thing was much older, a tablet of bronze, inscribed with an early form of the older Ebbarisi script.

Arpaesis and the scribes puzzled out this ancient form

Deed to the domain of Galye-agam

I am Kar-push-tarim, I am the monarch of the lands of Vaykattara, this will be the realm of my house for ever and anon.

Be it known that the bearer of this tablet is my well loved servant.

Be it known that the original recipient Spionem is trusted by me and receives this reward for their service and that this reward is for perpetuity, for Spionem and their heirs, till the world goes cold and the stars die.

By my word, know that the domain of Galye-agam is to be understood as the lands between the village of Speyah to the west, the highest point of Galye-agam ridge to the East, to the north the point of the hill of Min, to the south a line drawn precicely between the peaks of the hills of Sur-el and Eshur.

I am Kar-push-tarim, I am the monarch of the lands of Vaykattara, this is my word, that for this domain Spionem and their heirs owe to me and my heirs the following service. When I call for war, the domain of Galye-agam will provide twenty-four fit and able people in arms, whether of the people of Galye-agam or paid by its ruler. Those twenty-four will be armed with spear, bow and either mace or axe. They will have a shield appropriate to their function and bring provisions for one week of service when they arrive at the muster named in the call.

This service shall be for no greater than two moons, less longer is arranged by payment from the monarch.

I am Kar-push-tarim. I have commanded this.

It would be safe to say that Smersh was shocked, to be named as the heir of an estate, though the possibilities of riches and status, though at the lowest rung of nobility. He started eyeing Utana to see how he conducted himself.

Of Spionem, Smersh was only vaguely aware though the bounds of the realm of Vaykattara And the name of Kar-push-tarim, who was a monarch before Smersh and Fetnah were imprisoned.

A few days passed as the trial of Rumekebu was arranged, and the group composed themselves. They cleaned their gear, Smersh practiced his command of the modern written script of Shamek, Fetnah communed with the spirits, Juan José rested, Utana studied.

The day of the trial came, a preened and primped Utana was announced and escorted to the Steward’s chair. The Magistrate Niralha watched from behind a screen, officially, she was not there, and only Utana could see her.

The court filled up and Rumekebu was brought in, still attired as an Ambassador if not one in fact. The charge of conspiracy to murder Ambassador Mirnusz of Ishtir was made, in league with the missing culprit Simut and unknown others. Rumekebu denied it.

Witnesses were brought, the guard and servant who attested that Rumekebu’s story of the murderer Simut being forced on the Ambassadorial party, that it was Rumekebu who brought him. The entertainer who saw Rumekebu help someone onto the roof, the night of the murder, the route of the murder. Fetnah and Smersh, who testified to the finding of the drug Gadanish and a similar weapon as the murder weapon in the Ambassador’s quarters, and the same in the quarters of Simut.

Juan José brought up the cloth, a red cloth found in Merem, scraps of which were found on the murder scene.

Despite the attempts by Utana to break Rumekebu by force of will, an increasingly nervous ambassador tried bravado, denigrating the court, accusing the Haraxans of bad faith and illegal acts, demanding tat he himself was beyond judgement in this place, intended to be neutral. Utana cast that back at Rumekebu, pointing out that he violated that by murdering Mirnusz. Rumekebu, by that point, was not bothering to deny the charge, but his nerves were only truly broken when firstly Moch-Hada, his assistant and the currently accepted ambassador, denied him any status or support, and the suggestion was made that he be handed to the Ishtiri.

Utana thought about this, the idea tickled him, He looked to Niralha, and she mouthed the word “Ishtir” to him.

Utana raised himself up and pronounced judgement, that Rumekebu be handed to Ishtir for trial. At that pint the former ambassador fainted. Moch-hada stripped him of the badges of office before Rumekebu was hauled away to the Ishtiri ship, to be held pending trial.

The Ishtiri Prince arranged with all there to take statements and descriptions of all the evidence before departure.

The court adjourned, and the group rested. The next day, Niralha, her husband and advisor Kharrish and Harvan,  the master of agents, thanked the group, for all they had done. Rewards are deserved, but Niralha had to consider what would be appropriate. She did offer Utana the chance to remain as Steward of Nashua, as they had decided to renew the Palace, given the discovery of the undead and the Faithful Keteaorum,but Utana declined.

The conference continues, but after it concludes, the group have a new goal, to find the valley of Galye-agam, and Smersh’s inheritance.

And there we left it…

I had hopes for the sessions around this conference, the difficulties and the murder, I don’t think they came off. These things happen, people have different wishes, desires and plans for a game. Often it works, sometimes not so much. I think I will return to simpler situations for a while.

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