High Society

Well, it’s been a while since the last post.

In that time I haven’t been wrestling with magic, no no. Instead I have been wrestling with societal organisation in post-Roman Britain.

C&S is a game where hierarchy and influence matter, so you need some way of comparing, and the family you are raised with affaects the chances you had in life.

However the society of the time is not as neatly stratified as we would like for a games system, so I distilled what I could, and in the end eliminated a whole layer that would be useful to me for the game, but I couldn’t justify or, more importantly, find terms for.

That was salutary. I held onto it longer than I should have, but in the end, doing so simplified things for me. Very strange. Maybe I can learn from that.

Another writing session will finish this. It would have been finished already save for the vagaries of Dropbox, which meant I had to recreate work. This will mean human character generation is done. I am not sure I wish to do non-human characters, the world is human, the world of Faerie is the adversary in many ways, but players are players.

Once that is done then the next major tasks are

  • Finishing the starter adventure
  • Polishing off Magic
  • Stats on NPCs
  • Checking for consistency
  • Sending it out for the next set of peer review (the bit I hate

Ach well

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