Well. Although slightly diverted by needs of work and family, I did delve into the world of medieval magic. The bottom line is, and it’s a terrible one for role-players, the medieval folk don’t seem to have separated magic out into neat little packages and disciplines like we do in gaming.

I know, how inconsiderate of them!

The closest I got is that when you look at things like the Kabballah, there is a different structure and purpose to the Graeco-Roman magic that seems to have formed the most of practical Western Magic. That is a mix of prayers, chants and material effects, including herbal medicine, designed to get the correct response. The Kabballah is a method to try and understand the principle of creation and is more a philosophy than a system of practical magic.

So, what do I take from this. Simple. Explain my findings. Explain that accuracy is not guaranteed and that I am writing for a game, not a practical manual of evocation, invocation or even theurgy. In other words, have magicians that are fun to play

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