Followup material, the continuing story

Well, a couple of weeks in and what I thought would be a quick pickup with existing material, isn’t.

These are the topics I have to date

  • Some thoughts on the game
  • an article on balancing the game
  • Optional Hit Location system
  • New armour to suit a hit location system
  • Masses and the Choir
  • Clarifications on the rules
  • New introduction to tie “The Serpent of Paun-i-Tawe” to the idea of a “Queen’s Falconeer’s Campaign
  • Basic info on an Arthurian Campaign including a scenario outline and soem other plot suggestions

At present, this is already 12 pages long, and there is more to be filled in! Much more and I have to start thinking about charging. Of course, if I charge, then I need to do a fuller and more detailed job, with more than just general descriptions of characters.

So, do I plough on and do a big big job, making it for sale, or split it about the Arthurian stuff and make that a second freebie?

The Arthurian stuff is the bulk of the work so far, it has the potential to be a book on its own, as it shows no sign of being constrained within the ‘high-level’ limit I set it, and I’d begs for detail, dammit.

Answers on a post card to….

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