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Evening 2 - the Baccus 6mm Challenge

I had intended to continue painting these the day after undercoating but the arrival of visitors meant that the painting of free minis had to take second place to a social life, who'da thunk it?!

So the wee, wee men, as they have started to get called in our house, have had plenty of time to dry, though I don't think they needed it. As I don't know anything about this period, as I think I mentioned before, there may be some variance with the number of regiments and the historical reality, as I suppose one regiment should equal one element and I have multiple elements belonging to the same regiment.


The painting guide supplied gives me two main coat colours for French troops, grey and red. I decide that the bulk of the French Cavalry and Infantry shall be in grey, the exceptions being the General, the dragoons and maybe some infantry types to attach to the General's element if there is space for them, to further distinguish them from normal cavalry.

Taking another brush that had offended me I set about drybrushing (Grey - Vallejo Cold Grey, Red an old Humbrol I had knocking around). The drybrushing actually required MORE paint to be left on the rush than I am used to to really transfer to the figures.


Already the effect of mass troops that is the advantage of 6mm can be seen. I'm wondering if the grey coated ones are too dark still, I'll see how the contrast goes when some colour is applied.

At this stage the troops have one brown for the hair and another for the staves and muskets. This is one pain of detail painting even this little, where the detail is between figures in the strip you have to have a steady hand otherwise you are going to paint the opposite coat, but so far it's not been too horrendous.


The next thing is to add the colours to the cuffs and legs of the various regiments


These guys have the belts ands cartridge bandoliers painted in buff. The ones on the left are the command group and the ones on the right are the musketeers, as you can see. The command groups need drums painted but I'm still thinking what to paint them

I used to describe painting figures as "3D paint by numbers" because I'm not that good at art and I tended, until recently, to just put on solid blocks of colour. With these figures it's more like Impressionism, you convey enough into to the viewer that they fill in the gaps themselves.

Again the view of the massed troops. The flesh colour is starting to go onto the Infantry, from here on in I'll finish the cavalry after the infantry as they have their own foibles. The fact they ride horses for a kick off!