The Matter of Britain

The “Matter of Britain” is a name given to the collection of stories about King Arthur and his Knights. When one reviewer wrote about C&S Essence not having the “High Fantasy” feel, though I would disagree with him on what constitutes “High Fantasy”, it was Arthur & his Knights I thought of.

Of course which Arthur to portray. Not the Oliver Tobias “Arthur of the Britons” or any attempt at a “real” Arthur, as I’m trying to avoid gritty, and the Mallory Arthur has quite a well known RPG framed round it, though it’s hard to escape Mallory.

So. What to do. I have decided on trying to frame it around a “semi-plausible” Celtic High-Kingship in the Post-Roman state. There will, however, be plate armour and lances, though at the moment I’m tempted to make that Cataphract (scale and bar) armour rather than Excalibur shiny.

I had thought it would be a simple pickup, this was when I was still thinking of the Apocrypha as light freebies, but as I get into it, if I want to a good job, then It’ll be a bit of work.

Everything I think of just adds more work. Changes to Magic, Fabulous Beasts, the Otherworld etc. it all needs a good, hard think, and not a bit of research.

Oh well, this isn’t setting things down, back to the reading

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