Why do I do this?

So, 2012 begins, another year gone when the novel wasn’t written.


Well, the script was done, but that was possible at the expense of my MMORPG time on LOTRO. Writing takes time.

NaNoWriMo found itself second place to finishing up C&S Essence and illness, so here I am with ideas in my head, but a lack of time and gumption to get them into a file. Not saying the novel would be good, I have the talent and inclination to write, but I am not claiming as a certainty that I write well. Sometimes I am pleased with what I write, often I hate it with a passion.

My wife reckons that I do the hobbies I do because of a need to write and create worlds. I write games and scenarios not because that appeals to me absolutely, but because it is a creative form I am used to and which exposes my ideas to others, the poor lambs.

With wargaming, what is it I enjoy, painting figures, a bit. Given my luck with dice it surely couldn’t be the need to constantly lose on the table ( 😉 ) but I seem to enjoy adapting figures and scratchbuilding things, even though I am, to use the scots phrase, ‘haunless’. I am proud of my ungainly tree trunk cannons (stick, air setting clay and flock), wolf-drawn sledges and the Steam Tank. The latter two built out of wooden coffee stirrers and pound land meccano-a-like.

So. I feel the need to be creative, but also crave recognition, which leads my desires to be a novelist, even if I seem to find the short story a better medium/ In the UK the Short Story does not seem to be a great stepping stone to greater things, unlike the US, but that shouldn’t stop me, I suppose, doing linked short stories as a single book, and I have an idea for that too.

Well, I put down hard plastic for this keyboard, might as well see if I can earn the cost back and more in 2012. It would be nice to earn a writer’s Linux Laptop out of royalties.

OK 2012, I’m game, if It’s going to be a hard year, let it be a creative year too.

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