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Hors de combat

It’s not the only reason why there hasn’t been one of these for a while, but I was ill and in hospital for a week. I’m now recuperating and have no idea how long I’ll be stuck indoors waiting for … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

Believe it or not I have enough thoughts for a couple of different strands of thoughts, so rather than have one long post with different themes, I’ll split it into a couple. I’ll start off with the low. There’s been … Continue reading

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Do the dice fall where they may, or it’s time to Insta-kill

There are different way people run their games. Some see themselves as impartial umpires. The dice are the will of Fate, and the dice fall where the dice fall. Some are interventionist to a great degree, although not always to … Continue reading

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Why do I do this?

So, 2012 begins, another year gone when the novel wasn’t written. Let us see if IN UISGE BEATHA VERITAS. Well, the script was done, but that was possible at the expense of my MMORPG time on LOTRO. Writing takes time. … Continue reading

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Vis Imperium Victoriana – Designers Notes FROM THE GRAVE!

I mentioned that an update of this was in my list of projects. To be honest I don’t know where the notion to do the original ViV came from, though I had always been a Flashman fan I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Genesis of the Daleks, sorry C&S Essence

So, how did this tiny printed giveaway come to pass? Well, the usual answer, drink and someone kind of noising me up, in this case by email. (this is my life btw – Anyway. It was 2000, Steve and … Continue reading

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