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The once and future manuscript

As I have written about before, when my taster rules for the classic Chivalry & Sorcery, Chivalry & Sorcery Essence was printed, I thought of it as a toolkit and not as a whole game world. I did put in … Continue reading

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The Old School has more than one classroom

A missed opportunity in the Golden Age of RPGs The fault is @BigJackBrass’s For a few years now, thanks to dedicated writers and easier routes to publishing, there have been nostalgic attempts to recapture the *feel* of older role-playing games, … Continue reading

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A bump in the hero’s road

Pawr-ambrith looked around the campsite at the wagon guards that were now his comrades. He was the only elf here, possibly the only elf in the Eastern Kingdom, and he knew that elfs were feared as sorcerors and bringers of … Continue reading

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Age of Sigmar – thoughts after a run through the game

Games Workshop, recently killed off their long running “Old World” and mass battle game of Warhammer (*), just as they changed the name of the shops to that, and unveiled the new skirmish game, “Age of Sigmar”. This game has … Continue reading

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RPG session – Solomon Kane – The Uffington Dragon

This is a write up after two RPG session conducted by Google+Hangouts and Roll20. It uses a commercial scenario. If playing in a Solomon Kane Campaign with this adventure (Traveller’s Tales, the Uffington Dragon), do not read the write up … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Lives – an Eldritch tribute to H. P. Lovecraft

Disclaimer: I was given an uncorrected proof to review by the editor. There were no conditions placed on the review. Book available from all good stores and a few tax dodgers too. Publisher’s site with links here It is a … Continue reading

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Review: “Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age” – A Wargamers Guide to the Age of Conan – Lin Carter & Scott Bizar

That these fantasy wargames rules, first published in 1975, are still in print, or at least available in PDF, is less a testament to these rules and much more about the strange business habits of Scott Bizar, who kept products … Continue reading

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Foldable Project – a matter of scale

I now have aboard I am fairly happy with. A little larger than the action, so it can accompdate the starting position of the Regent’s forces. I now need to work out the scale for the unit counter sizes and … Continue reading

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Reviews from the Past 3 – Lazer

Lazer by Marc J. Tobert published by Geek, Inc 27 pages – $30.00 ISBN 0970947208 website Rating –  D This hack’n’slash rpg of high technology, magic, cyberpunk and the undead in a universe without humanity” is an excellent example … Continue reading

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Hors de combat

It’s not the only reason why there hasn’t been one of these for a while, but I was ill and in hospital for a week. I’m now recuperating and have no idea how long I’ll be stuck indoors waiting for … Continue reading

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