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Thoughts on finally playing Kings of War

Saturday 10th Feb I finally got to play the Kings of War wargame against other human beings in a tournament in Stirling. I took my Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai but used the, as the “Kingdoms of Men” faction, … Continue reading

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“but what is original is not good…..”

“and what is good is not original” goes the quote from Samuel Johnson, in response to someone who sent him a manuscript to read. To quote someone else, the TL:DR version of this post would be “Do not do unto … Continue reading

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The Old School has more than one classroom

A missed opportunity in the Golden Age of RPGs The fault is @BigJackBrass’s For a few years now, thanks to dedicated writers and easier routes to publishing, there have been nostalgic attempts to recapture the *feel* of older role-playing games, … Continue reading

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A night or two of play – Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerors of Hyperborea

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerors of Hyberborea (ASSH) is a fantasy and horror role-playing game set in a world combining the feel of Robert E. Howard’s Hyborean Age with the pulp horror of HP Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, which is … Continue reading

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Review – Airfix Battles from Modiphius

Better known to modellers and gamers from the British Isles, Airfix have produced military model kits, terrain and figures since the 1950s, being an integral part of the childhood for many British children and their first introduction to playing with … Continue reading

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Cthulhu write up – episode one

Warning. This is a write up of “Uncle Timothy’s Will” in Blood Brothers. If playing that then stop reading. I have made changes to details Timothy Hildyson, last of his line, had died. One more death in a harsh and … Continue reading

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RPG Session – Solomon Kane – The Maltravers Legacy

This is a write up after three RPG session conducted by Google+Hangouts and Roll20. It is loosely based on a commercial scenario for the Pathfinder Game, The Skinsaw Murders, which is the second chapter in the Rise of the Runelords. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on World Holocaust Day – 27th January 2015

Today, 27th January, is World Holocaust Day, the anniversary of the liberation of the camp at Auschwitz This is not just “something to remember so it never happens again” because it has happened again, it continues to happen again. Not … Continue reading

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The Road goes ever on and on

So, I have now seen The Battle of the Five Armies, or at least the theatrical version, the “definitive” version will be the extended version when it comes out. I enjoyed them, immensely, they were fun. They were not the … Continue reading

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A description and some thoughts on the Decipher Lord of the Rings RPG

This is not a review from the past, because I never reviewed it at the time of release, 2002. However a pal asked for my thoughts on this so here goes. The Decipher LoTR Core book is glossy and looks … Continue reading

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